...focuses on positioning static and moving bodies in space, cramming matching and mismatched systems into it and examining the distance between bodies.

fischer balazs_grafika 7

performative, participative, urban-pictogram walk the adaptation of Mechanics of Distance

Vas Péter (3)

The performance Trippin' is a further reflection on the already presented Miracle, framed by the human body, the physical and philosophical ideas of part and whole and the existence in fixed/free systems.


Is freedom a solitary or a social genre? Idyllic? Comic? Tragic? Is it all of these? If no one sees it, does it still happen, or is it necessary that someone external identifies, captures the moment?


"I came to the conclusion that I need almost the same skills as an artist as I do as a mother. I practice a lot every day. I am persistent, sensitive, flexible and creative. I search and find the best solution. I can do many things at once. I cope well with stress. I am physically resilient."


Four dancers investigate the Hungarian punk subculture from the angle of avantgarde applying the collage aesthetics of the punk in movement. With the application of the punk idea, which constantly searches for new correlations of the established social and cultural agreements...


The performance looks into the possibilities underlying the instances of and our relationship with failure in the language of new circus. The performance is based on a confession – a text recorded by an acrobat 35 years of age.


This online presentation is a film adaptation of the performance, which will be premiered live in November 2021 at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.


It is important for the artists that children get familiar with contemporary dance at an early age, are enriched by high quality cultural experiences. With this mission the artists’ ambition is to start opening the relatively closed contemporary dance scene at the phase when it all starts.


We are invited to a dinner party, a cabaret or an immersive theatre experience. Or maybe to all this. The world of the performance was created during the creators’ research on the language of the Bouffon, to which they invite their guests to question social norms, hierarchies and status quo.

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