Photos by: Attila BALOGH

About Mechanics of Distance

performative, paritcipative urban walk

The creation of Máté Mészáros titled Mechanics of Distance has taken yet another form after its premiere in 2019 and adaptation to all sorts of various outdoor and indoor spaces since its premiere.

In its original version the spacing and movement of static and dynamic bodies, the arrangement of matching and mismatching systems into one space as well as the proximity between the bodies are in the focus. He created variations for the encounter of bodies in the space, thus triggering the possibilities for free associations. The bodies put dance in the perspective of visual arts due to their plastic, ever transforming materialistic form rather than their performativity.

Now the creators invite the viewers for a very different experience. The series of movements and constellations of the piece have been translated into nine pictograms, which can be found on printed panes on walls in the urban space. The participants can follow a route – on their own or together – and can recreate the movements themselves – thus stepping into a quasi-performative role from the active viewing one. While proceeding along the panes the choreography the passive observers get the chance to piece together the choreography of the performance into a whole – in this case in the street.

The pictogram walk of Mechanics of Distance was realized in Budapest in June 2021 within the framework of PLACCC Festival.
The panes with the pictograms will remain on the walls of one of main streets for viewers and participants on the long run. This booklet is the mobile version of the panes, which one can take and recreate the movements anytime anywhere in any public space by choosing their own route.

This way the adaptation of Mechanics of Distance to various outdoor and indoor spaces around the world is supplemented by the invitation of the viewers to another experience: either after – or before or even during – the presentation of the physical piece those who are interested can find their own routes in the city compiling the choreography themselves on the basis of the images and their description found in the booklet or following a set route marked by the installed panes in the street.

Choreography and concept: Máté MÉSZÁROS
Creator-performers of Mechanics of Distance: Jenna JALONEN, Máté MÉSZÁROS, Áron PORTELEKI, Tamara Zsófia VADAS
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre
Graphics: Balázs FISCHER
Booklet design: Anna KOROLOVSZKY

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