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Anikó takes care of international relations, strategic and project planning at SÍN. Her main focus of interest is the delicate and ever shaping relationship of the artist and producer/manager, the partnership of these professionals for the development of sustainable artistic projects. She regularly leads workshops on production management and international relations. Her arts management activities are supported by her practice as a certified coach and business trainer. She has been a member of the IETM ( advisory committee since 2017. Between 2019 and 2021 she works as a reshaper in the international research project Reshape (
Zsuzsa's primary task is to maintain a stable, long-term and transparent financial status, background for SÍN. As a member of our team, she works to ensure that an adequate source of funding is available to achieve SÍN's mission.
She assists the contemporary performing arts community in the management of grants and financial administration in a spirit of cooperation.
Luca keeps SÍN's online communication channels alive and takes an active role in planning the communication strategy for productions, collaborations and other programs. In addition to her primary role, she is involved in the day-to-day life of SÍN, in short-, medium- and long-term planning and in the development of a more sustainable operating and cooperation model. Her other jobs alongside SÍN are all interconnected, developing each other, most of them focusing on online and offline communication. In addition, she feels comfortable in project management, logistics and program planning, and has several years of experience in these fields. For example she has been coordinating the international performers of Theater and Dance Tent at Sziget Festival, commissioned also by SÍN for 5 summers.
Margit takes care of the production and distribution of the SÍN projects. As production manager her primary aim is to provide a safe background for the artistic work.
Thinking together with the artists, being part of the collaborations and the continuous development both on individual and organizational levels are the guiding principles in her work.
Zoltán is one of the founders of SÍN Arts Centre. As a choreographer and artistic director it is important for him to work in a community in which each team member finds the tasks that fit their interests the best and in which the decisions are made on a collective basis. He believes that one of the most important tasks of the Centre is to search and develop those new directions for the whole Hungarian contemporary dance community that are based on sustainability, professionality and partnerships. He works for these goals in various curatorial boards and as a co-chair of the Association of Hungarian Independent Performing Arts. He trusts that the upcoming generations of art makers will be able to develop such an open system in which they will all find their place and a path for continuous professional development.

Anikó Rácz

International relations

Zsuzsa Valtinyi


Luca Kövécs

Communications manager

Margit Hodován

Production manager

Zoltán Nagy

Artistic director
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