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Supplement 1 to the SÍN House Rules on the use of the SÍN premises for the post-covid scenario

Opening hours

The studios of SÍN Arts Centre are available to the companies 7 days a week, 13 hours a day, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

How to get into the building

  • Access to the building is possible between 9:00 and 22:00 with a code number through the main entrance on Gyutacs Street. Beyond this period a key is required to get in.
  • On weekday mornings the cleaners open the house with a key; on weekends it is the responsibility of the one who comes first to rehearse, to pick up the key at the main gate and open the house.
  • When booking the studios, we send you the front door code number. Share the code with the rehearsal studio users, but keep it confidential. When we change codes, we will notify you.
  • The key to the building can be picked up at the reception of ESMA’s main building at 20 Fáy Street with a signature. The gate is to the left of the barrier.
  • If you picked up the key, please hang it in the small red key cabinet on the wall to the left of the ESMA studio entrance. If someone picked up the key, you can find it here when you leave. If you can’t find the key in its place, go to the main reception at 20 Fáy Street to pick it up to close.
  • When you leave, make sure you are the only one in the building, and if you were the last to do so, lock the main entrance with a key and bring it to the main reception at 20 Fáy Street
  • Please make sure the windows are closed and the lights are off in all studios, and not to lock anyone in the building when you leave.


The premises and equipment in SÍN Arts Centre can be used by everyone at their own risk. SÍN Nonprofit Kft. does not bear any responsibility for the damage caused by the studio users in the center, and all damage caused has to be compensated by the user.

You may use the premises of the SÍN Arts Centre and the tools and equipment in the Centre at your own risk. SÍN Nonprofit Ltd. shall not be liable for any damage or personal injury to users on the premises of the Centre. If a user causes damage to the equipment of the SÍN Arts Centre, the user shall notify the person responsible for the reservation of SÍN studios in writing within 24 hours of the time of the damage. The person causing the damage undertakes to compensate for the damage caused.

The user of the studios is obliged to indicate/mark with a logo and/or with a tag (@sinartscenter) the fact of the support SÍN Arts Centre provides on all online and offline communication platforms related to the project/production rehearsed. The user of the studios agrees that the SÍN Arts Centre communicates, shares these contents on its own platforms.

SÍN Arts Centre makes its rehearsal studios available to independent dance and theater companies free of charge in accordance with the rules described in the booking rules and policy. Exceptions to the free of charge usage are companies that have more ministerial operating grants than the SÍN Arts Centre; performances and projects aimed to create profit-oriented productions; and workshops where organizers charge participants a participation fee. SÍN Arts Centre provides the free of charge studios, and a discounted/supported rehearsal studio rental fee through its tender resources and to its extent.


How to book a studio

You have 3 things to do:
– please read and adopt to our supplement 1 to the house rules for the post-pandemic situation
– fill in this questionnaire, through which you will share information with us about the purpose and details of the planned use of the studio
– send an e-mail to with the detailed schedule of your requested rehearsal

  • Requests are approved on a first-come first-served basis, so they are not automatic and not guaranteed. Incoming requests will be handled during workdays’ business hours and a notification email will be sent to you.
  • SÍN will assess needs in the spirit of professionalism and equal opportunities, in accordance with our best intentions and knowledge, regarding the available capacity. We do our best to meet your needs.
  • The studios are booked on a continual basis, in case of a longer rehearsal process, continuous consultation is required, this is how we try to provide similar opportunities for numerous companies.
  • Before the start of our rehearsal please check the studio assigned to you on our website before you start, as the schedule of the rehearsals may change on a short notice.

Key rules

  • Set elements and props can only be left in the studios and in the building with special prior permission (specifying what, where, for how long). Stored equipment should be labeled with the name of the company. We take no responsibility for things left at SÍN. Items left without prior permission will be removed/discarded.
  • If you cause damage to the equipment of the house, please report it! The damage caused has to be compensated.
  • If the dance mat is exposed to stronger use during your rehearsals, please clean it afterwards.
  • Do not bring animals into the studios!
  • Do not bring food or drink (except for water) into the studios!
  • You can store food and drink in the lobby fridge. Any food left there is discarded every Monday morning.
  • Do not bring any pieces of furniture into the studios from the lobby!
  • When you leave, close the windows and doors of the studios and lobby, turn off the lights in the bathrooms, halls, lobby and basement.
  • Do not smoke in the building in accordance with the relevant Hungarian legislations.
    SÍN belongs to all of us, it is our common space. Please take care of it, use it responsibly and in a caring way, thinking of each other as well!

Cancellations, modifications and delays

  • Cancellation of rehearsal studios can only be made via e-mail to
  • Reservations can be canceled or modified with no consequences 48 hours before the booked time.
  • The following cases are the most problematic for us and the other artists working here:
    (a) if you cancel or modify the booking within 48 hours prior to the requested and approved period, or
    (b) if you do not appear without cancellation, or
    (c) if you arrive in SÍN more than 30 minutes after the time you booked.
    In the above cases, we reserve the right to cancel your further bookings for a particular rehearsal process and provide another company with the space.
    Please handle your bookings responsibly! Cancellations and modifications beyond the deadline can cause difficulties for us and other artists working in SÍN as well.
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