SinArts English

Dance and theater rehearsal studios

  • 3 large, 1 smaller studios,
  • light and sound equipment (details below)
  • all studios have natural light, boat floors, dance floors
  • two studios have mirrored walls
  • it is possible to store smaller sets and accessories – only by prior arrangement!
  • Rehearsals wit light equipment

  • we also provide the opportunity to rehearse with light equipment – only by prior arrangement!
  • please indicate your needs in advance when booking the rehearsal room
  • Studio reservations are ONLY possible via email, please write to this address:
    Click HERE for details

    Esma Studio

    size: 13 x 16m
    height: 4,5m
    Our largest studio, possible to use for small sharings, presentations. Can have two rows of chairs to room about 50 people.
    Has curtains, can be darkened.
    Mirrors running along one side.
    detailed sound and light equipment see below the pics

    SIN Studio

    size: 13 x 10m
    height 4.5m
    Has curtains, can be darkened
    One point of rigging for hanging mechanic weight (up to 100kg)
    Has no light equipment
    Sound: Behringer - XENYX 802 mixer,
    simple studio sound equipment

    Duna Studio

    SIZE: 12 x 12m
    height: 4,5m
    wooden flooring with dance carpet
    Has no light equipment
    Mirror running along one side
    Sound: Behringer - XENYX 802 mixer,
    simple studio sound equipment

    Peron Studio

    SIZE: 6 x 13m
    low ceiling, Lowest height: 2,3m
    wooden flooring
    suitable for smaller theatre productions, workshops
    Has no light equipment
    Sound: simple studio equipment

    ESMA STUDIO Technical equipment:
    • 1 piece JBL eon 618 Sub
    • 2 pieces JBL eon 615
    • 1 piece Soundcraft EPM 8 analogue mixer
    • Mikrofon- Voice- Kraft PAW2000U
    • 14 pieces Fresnel 1 KW
    • 14 pieces PAR 64
    • 2 pieces Fresnel 2 Kw
    • 4 pieces eurolite LED Bar-3 HCL
    • 2 pieces flood 1 kw
    • Cerebellum director 768 dmx lightcontroller
    • 24channels dimmer

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