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Previous Next Photo: László BELLAI Premiered on 26 May 2019 at the National Dance Theatre,


Previous Next Photo: László BELLAI / Máté BARTHA Premiered on 13 December 2019at Bakelit Multi


Previous Next Photo: László BELLAI / Máté BARTHA Premiered on 22-23 January 2019 at Trafó


Previous Next Photo: Vera ÉDER Premiered on 9-10 February 2018at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts,

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Previous Next Photo: Orsolya VÉNER Premiered on 28-29 March 2018 at Trafó House of Contemporary


Previous Next Premiered on 13 February 2017 at MU Theatre, Budapest Veronika Szabó’s theatre performance,


Previous Next Photo: Krisztina CSÁNYI Premiered on 10 March 2017 at MU Theatre, Budapest Veronika


Previous Next Photo: Zsófia HEVÉR Premiered on 17-18 November 2016 at Trafó House of Contemporary


Previous Next Premiered on 25 September 2016 at MU Theatre, Budapest What is this number?

NIbiru_the workshop

A 2 hours long site visit in the frame of dunaPart5 Platform. If you have not registered yet for the event, you can do so here: dunaPart.net


The performance looks into the possibilities underlying the instances of and our relationship with failure in the language of new circus. The performance is based on a confession – a text recorded by an acrobat 35 years of age.


Mechanics of Distance, a site specific or rather site-reflecting deep study on body-encounter-variations in a space within an unexpected new dimension where the movement of the elements seem accidental yet they are far-reaching and intentional and are a redefinition of proximity, inter-personal and inter-space interaction… The piece focuses on positioning static and moving bodies in space, cramming matching and mismatched systems into it and examining the distance between bodies.


Nibiru is a creative process created by Zsófia Tamara Vadas dancemaker, Ábris Gryllus media artist and Márton Emil Tóth fine artist. The performance is presented by children, who were deeply involved into the creative process.

icodaco foto

iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective) is a biennial artist led intercultural exchange project within the landscape of contemporary dance. The collaborative project was first initiated by the Gothenburg (Sweden) based international company and organisation - ilDance, in 2012.

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Animal City is an interactive performance that explores dynamics of human and animal social behavior.


Read about the MIND THE DANCE project.


We would like to invite you to take part at the two day MIND THE DANCE lab, taking place in Budapest, Hungary, on the 24th and 25th of March, 2018.

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Three young men have gone to the forest to hunt. Just like in a tale. But what are they hunting for, if there are only the three of them in this sterile space?

Lior Lazarof másolata

March 13-14 Place: Jegyvásárlás PROGRAM March 1320:00-20:40 LUCA DÖMÖTÖR: UNI  Uni is a prefix in


Premiered in 2018 Place: Trafo Jegyvásárlás Endless game, art of precision and self-parody or fake

Skvrnakova_Queendom 17 kicsi

Queendom is at the intersection of contemporary performance, physical theatre and drag shows. It is based on structured improvisation where the audience’s presence becomes the co-creator of a performance that takes a different shape every night. It displays female and male representations from the Renaissance up to today’s pop culture.


Sleeping Beauty Project invites the viewers into the transit zone of our inner world and the outer reality. Through text, sound and lights the viewers will experience their own virtual performance and will be offered a space of togetherness.


Place: YOU ARE HERE! is here. Notice that this year’s Call is not called ‘Call


‘Watch Me Happening’ is bargaining, a dialogue between various parts, within one self, or a dance, a solo. It’s a piece in which objective and subjective, personal and collective approaches, opinions and thoughts are treated in the boundary of instincts and consciousness.

natural disaster

Peron Studio

liesel zink

Liesel Zink, Australian choreographer will be the guest of the The Dance and Theatre Venue of Sziget Festival this year. Liesel will recreate her piece The Stance with local dancers.


Place: JegyvásárlásREFLEX Europe Documenting as a tool for reflection in order to improve the teaching


The starting point of the performance was the thought experiment of the Shcrödinger’s Cat by the Nobel-prize winner physicist Erwin Schrödinger. The scientist used this experiment to show tht particles can be at various places and in various states at the same time. The experiment points at the absurdity of cat being dead or alive being dependant on the fact if this state is being watched or not.

März 2016

The performance is the new version of the Laban Prize nominated piece Old Pond by Zsusza Rózsavölgyi and Tóbiás Terebessy. The choreographer now retakes the pulsating choreography with 21 dancers from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD).


The performance makes use of time seemingly spent uselessly through dance emerging from everyday emotions and situations. 'Your mother at my door' is part of the priority companies of Aerowaves Spring Forward 2017.


Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi investigates the female body, its role in today’s society, its reasons and aspects of successfulness or unsuccessfulness. Revealing taboos and personal confessions about living in a female body in a lecture-performance solo piece.


Five people try to surrender in a fictitious world. If not truly connect at least to coexist peacefully in a world created by the fiction of theatre. They work hard to make sense out of nonsense and land on a common ground of acceptance. Five individuals meet in a fictive room hosted by the theatre. With their voice, with their body and with the objects found as if they were leftovers of a riot of a fictitious protest.


Hirokai Umeda works with five Hungarian dancers to present his new piece DRIVES at Sziget festival, then at Trafó House of Conteporary Arts in September. The dancers who have different dance characters share a common movement system given by the choreographer. Sharp electronic sound and geometric abstract visual images with dance movement make strangely organic space, which audience can ‘experience' in this piece.


International Dance Week Budapest is a unique and young project which aims to provide a creative platform for dancers from all over the world. It is a place to share experiences and explore new ways of gaining knowledge.


Two dancers, Viktória Dányi and Nelson Reguera Perez examine all what is underlying a relationship between two people through this endlessly repeated, routine-like gesture.


A show evoking the improvised masses of the party culture. Through the reinterpretation of the stereotypical situations created by the dancing crowd a new, fictitious, comic-like world is born. Beyond the dramas of the night life human games are resolved and a new trans-like state is achieved, in which the ego and the instincts are shadowed.

OPEN fest 15 FB cover 900x2003_CUT

Participatory theatre activates its audience, encouraging action from people without bringing them into uncomfortable, awkward situations. It provokes your thoughts and gives you an opportunity to make your opionion heard. In the situations offered by these performances we can experience our own decision-making skill and our ability to act.


The performance is a personal and in the same time philosophical game of the two creators, about truth, co-existence, encounters and the possible conflicts of different point of views, parallel realities. Point of You is a playful debate, an in-depth analysis of how you get lost in being right.


dunaPart3 is the merge of the dunaPart platforms (2008 and 2011) and of Hungarian Showcase (2013). The aim of the platform is to present the outstanding representatives of the independent Hungarian performing arts scene, to help them and the whole field in their further integration in the international professional network. SÍN Culture Centre is proud to have 4 of its productions in the selected program of the platform.


For All Ears Kate McIntosh sets up the stage as an improvised adhoc laboratory for a series of unusual recordings and acoustic experiments, using everyday objects and materials. Chairs are dragged, paper is torn, glasses are toppled. Sounds are gathered, recorded and played back – the action of one part of the performance providing soundtrack, background or atmosphere for another. Along the way McIntosh – as combination curious scientist, mischievous questioner and eclectic storyteller – leads us on a distinctive journey through a diverse landscape of ideas.


You get up. Have coffee. Iron your shirt. A well acquired routine. But what if you turn all this from horizontal to vertical? In this piece the dancers-acrobats merge elements of contemporary dance, physical theatre and circus acrobatics of aerial silk and Chinese pole. An Open Latitudes 3 coproduction of 2015.

ATLAS project by casabranca arrives in Budapest in the frame of Open Latitudes 3, an Europe Culture Programme project. 100 people of different professions from local community create the atlas of Budapest together on stage.


Ceasing – destruction – reproduced reality. A unique triptichon. In his new piece, Máté Mészáros, member of Ultima Vez focuses on this curious triangle.

kevin jean_1_negyzetes

In the frame of Open Latitudes 3 "Showcase programme" SÍN Culture Centre has invited Kevin jean from France. His solo production "The 36th Chambre" will be seen at SZIGET Festival Culture Zone, 13-17 August 2014.


GREAT OPPORTUNITY for DANCERS living in HUNGARY & in EUROPE! Vacation & Self-development for amazing prices in beautiful Budapest! de KISS moves FUSION Dance WORKSHOP & REPERTOIRE in BUDAPEST: 21-25 JULY!


Second edition of International Dance Week in SIN Culture Centre is coming soon - organized by SUB.LAB Collective.


Kontakt Budapest 2014 - 13. International Improvisation Festival in June in SIN Culture Centre! Registration is now open!


“Old pond / frog leaps / into water sound.” The piece expresses a potentially extra-human, imaginary community through visual, audio and kinesthetic sensations. Coproduction of SIN Culture Centre and Workshop Foundation, supported by LLB, an EU Culture Programme project.


In his latest piece Csaba Molnár investigates his own intuitive world with the sensual and structural worlds of Boccaccio’s. An exciting encounter of contemporary dance and theatre. Decameron was produced within the EU Culture Programme project, DÉPARTS.


First collaboration of this Hungarian – Israeli choreographer duo, premiered within the DÉPARTS programme, an EU Culture Programme project. Ego Trip is an investigation into understanding the mechanism of egos and their relation to others and towards the society.


The European network Open Latitudes and its 9 partner organizations is engaged in structured collaborations throughout the production and touring cycles for staged works and contemporary choreography. The project is expressly directed toward supporting a young generation of artists.


Information fundamentally contributes to the qualities of substance. Meaning is the activity of information whether it is actual or virtual. Everything we experience (thoughts, memories, emotions, associations, perceptions) affects the body, soma. But we only experience (create meaning) if there is an „I” to perceive it.


The ‘unlearning' process workshop: matanicola’s intensive movement research and choreography workshop lead by Nicola Mascia, member of the company Sasha Waltz & Guests.

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