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Photos by: Viktória DÁNYI

Public sharing of the results of the process: 31 March, 2023 @SÍN

Have you always been curious how a choreography is made  but you never knew how to ask about it? Are you interested in studio work? The time has come for you to get an insight in the – seemingly mysterious – work of the choreographer. I am waiting for you at my studio to be my partner in the creation of my new solo piece.

At SÍN Arts Centre I work with one viewer for 2 hours each evening through 21 evenings – I invite 2 people a night one after the other. I work with a single person, who I can have a talk with, I can search the answers to my apparently simple questions: What is dance? And what is the stage? – where does it start, where does it end?, What is costume? What can become one? And what is music? And after all what is a performance?

And if at this point you think that you don’t know anything about such things, my answer is that yes, you do, it is exactly you who I would like to work with. Instead of colleagues – choreographers and dancers – I would like to share the spaces and ideas with people who like theatre and dance, I would like to break the traditional passive spectator – active performer relationship. I am interested in what you think, feel while you are thinking with me on the movement material.

This simple idea started this process: I no longer know why I dance, and I am curious what other people think about this.

In the end of the process, I will open the studio to all who have and haven’t participated in the process to show you what we have done.

Máté Mészáros: MÁTÉ AND I (2023)
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