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Photos by Gergely OFNER

“This is a story – or hundreds of stories – told through pure dance, of tender connections and unwinding in a community, of tiny frictions becoming huge abysses, of the self found or lost in uniformity, and of sharing individual journeys within a larger organization (or organism) that is an ensemble.
The amazing physicality of the seven dancers immediately grabs our attention, while we see them slowly moving each of their muscles, skin on skin, their arms and legs entangled in a human architecture, like a miniature society. Warmly glowing lights and nude colored costumes provide a feeling of familiarity and intimacy. But as soon as this organic togetherness is ‘blown up’, we see the individuals struggling with each other and themselves, their bodies stained by tension as they look for a path between fighting for survival and necessary cooperation.
The pulsating dramaturgy ranges from slowness to hyperactivity and back again, from an elaborated and refined choreography to raw and visceral movement material, from daylight to almost darkness. Besides this dynamic shifting of dualities, there is never a dull moment; the performers keep us entertained with their persona just as much as the big picture. More interestingly, the performance was adapted from black box to public space as well, adding even more human and non-human bodies to the dense fabric of this production.” Orsolya Bálint, curator of dunaPart6

Basic concept and choreography by Réka Oberfrank
Performers: Barbara Eyassu-Vincze, Attila Horváth, Eszter Kudlák, Zsófia Szász, Zita Thury, Máté Váth
Composer: Áron Porteleki
Lighting: Orsolya Pete
Costumes: Csenge Vass Producer: SÍN Arts Centre

Supported by MU Theatre, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Arts Centre, National Cultural Fund, New Performing Arts Foundation

Premiere: 18 December, 2021 @MU Theatre
Réka Oberfrank: Miracle (2021)
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