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Photo by: Fórizs Dániel

AHA Collective is a formation of six dancers established in 2021. The ever changing roles within the group gives way for diverse inputs from the members, examining performativity and the various forms of collaboration.

The focal question of the creation Dense Piece is density. The movement material scrutinizes dynamic concentration, continous confrontation, the effects of the stream of information on the physical and mental level. Contradictions and the various interactions between the performers and the crashes give a sensation of unpredictable change and build towards a community sensation. The processes is driven by the effort for physical performance and the densifying of movement states and space. By paying attention to themselves, to each other and the mechanics created between one another the dancers progress while excluding the outside world. The journey is shaped by the dismantling of systems, transformation of its structure and by gaining life by its happenings.

Creators: Barbara EYASSU-VINCZE, Márton GLÁSER, Imola KACSÓ, Luca KANCSÓ, Balázs OLÁH, Vivien PITI
Light: Virág ROVÓ
Consultant: Ármin SZABÓ-SZÉKELY
Producer: SÍN Art Centre
Supported by: National Cultural Fund – Imre Zoltán programme

Brief technical info:
Cast on tour: 9 people – 6 dancers, 1 musician, 1 light technician, 1 tour manager
Space: Spectators seated around a 8m wide circle in 2 rows, black dance floor, full blackout.
Musician is on stage within the seats, sound is mixed live from a computer, 4 speakers controlled separately
Duration: 50 mins

Premiere: 5 May 2023 @MU Theatre

AHA Collective: DENSE PIECE (2023)
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