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Photos by: Iringó SIMON

Premiere: 11/12 November 2022, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

The conquest of the Diorama Group. They take back, unite, then redistribute and heals, but most of all loves the very Hungary where we sneer at each other from behind opposing trenches.

The space is transformed into a fictitious Carpathian Basin, where the performers and viewers examine their relationship to Hungary, to national identity to their belonging. Contemplating on their collective cultural memory they aim at finding their national common denominator where their heart beat at one pace.

The performance is about the Hungarians according to the performers and the audience. It talks about what we usually don’t think of. Either because it’s considered self-evident thus it’s impalpable, or because it’s instantly nauseating so we deny it. We are Hungarians and this has a (weird) taste in our mouth. Diorama Group examines this taste relying on the activity of the audience, adding salt and paprika to it when needed.

Dorama Group is an artistic collective founded of by Lili Raubinek in 2020. Diorama depicts a real scenery, a scene, a historic event in a small scale 3D image. The collective aims at the same. They work with huge topics and concepts, ones that need to be miniaturized, to be shrunk to human-scale to make it personal. The members of the collective are from various disciplines – music, visual arts, photography, performance. They are over a premiere vanished by CoVid, a survivor residency in the woods, noodle making workshops in Átány and Budapest, to share their findings on stage finally.

Creator-performers: Patrik KELEMEN, Rozi MÁKÓ, Luca PETRÁNYI, Lili RAUBINEK, János SZABÓ R., Viktor SZERI
Director: Lili RAUBINEK
Light: Kata DÉZSI
Consultant: László HUDI
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre
Production partners: Katlan Group, Budapest Municipality, Füge Production

The production was created with the support of the Stafeta Programme of the Budapest Municipality

Diorama Group: DIORAMA OF HUNGARIANS (2022)
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