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Graphics by: Tamás Páll

AHA Collective: No One's Land

Premiere: 20:00, 17-18 January, 2024
@Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

A place where there is nothing, but anything is possible. We are searching how this seemingly desolate, but potential no-man’s land can serve as soil for possibilities. Is anything that we see just waits to be decoded, identified, categorized? Or is there anything that just exists for itself? Could the existence of anything be justified without the inherent possibility of judgement or opinionation? We are curious about all this, and we put ourselves to the test: we follow our instincts and interests in the process. We are not afraid to venture into unknown territory. We avoid exclusivity, give faith and space to curiosity and naivety.

AHA Collective is a formation of six dancers established in 2021. The ever changing roles within the group gives way for diverse inputs from the members, examining performativity and the various forms of collaboration.

They have known each other and worked together for a long time. Four of them, Márton Gláser, Imola Kacsó, Vivien Piti, Barbara Eyassu-Vincze have shared their professional context since their final year at the Győr School of Dance and Fine Arts. They studied at SEAD in Salzburg, where they met Luca Kancsó and Balázs Oláh, the other two members of the collective. The six of them had chance to participate in the creative processes of various choreographers together.
The AHAs are currently working on creating their own profile. In their work they strive to seek new perspectives on contemporary dance, performing arts and issues they address with their research.. Throughout the creative process they take the chosen theme as an entity in its own right, watch it unfold, and intuitively evolve it into its final form.


Creators: Barbara Eyassu-Vincze, Márton Gláser, Imola Kacsó, Luca Kancsó, Balázs Oláh, Vivien Piti
Music: Áron Porteleki
Light: Kata Dézsi
Graphics: Tamás Páll
Consultant: Ármin Szabó-Székely
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre
The production was realised in the framework of the Staféta programme of the Budapest Municipality.


AHA Collective: No One’s Land (2024)
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