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Photos by Iringó SIMON

A human’s body is a primary sensation. In both directions. (–,+). Existing in it is a common strive. We swallow the painkiller, take a leg day, put it in a sunbed, court it. An elite jockeying. The tool circus is the acrobat’s body, the theme of the performance is the acrobat’s body. It breaks, tears, bleeds, then it heals. In the performance voices, words, sentences gush forth from the broken body. As there is a human being inhabiting the body. The speaking human being. Anatomy of Failure sculpts the intimate, close relationship between the body and its owner, which is often not free of conflicts.

It is based on a confession of a 35-year-old acrobat, a documentary recording on a dictaphone. It examines the question of how our own story is inscribed through the scars on our body. And how all this shapes our personality if we can come to know our innermost essence exclusively through our broken states and how our environment can relate to all this.

‘It’s 8am… cgh… I was up until 2.30 am, and now I am awake. I hope this thing hears me speaking… I woke up although I didn’t have to… My ankle hurts, my back is in pain. I don’t even want to talk, it would be so much better just to be hearing my thoughts. A new day, and once more I wake up to my body aching.’

Creator-performers: Ilka BARDÓCZY, Lacek TAKÁCS, Eszter KUDLÁK, Gáspár TÉRI
Dramatic advisor: Ármin SZABÓ-SZÉKELY
Consultant: Anna ZSIGÓ
Music: András CSIZMÁS
Costume design: Veronika KERESZTESOVÁ
Director: Gáspár TÉRI
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre
Supporters: Trafó Kortárs Művészetek Háza, Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Műhely Alapítvány

Premiered: 25 January, 2022 at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts House, Budapest

Grotesque Gymnastics: ANATOMY OF FAILURE (2022)
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