Viktória Dányi & Dóra Furulyás: Hidden mom (2022)

“I came to the conclusion that I need almost the same skills as an artist as I do as a mother. I practice a lot every day. I am persistent, sensitive, flexible and creative. I search and find the best solution. I can do many things at once. I cope well with stress. I am physically resilient.”

Viktória Dányi & Dóra Furulyás: No. 1 Box Street (2021)

It is important for the artists that children get familiar with contemporary dance at an early age, are enriched by high quality cultural experiences. With this mission the artists’ ambition is to start opening the relatively closed contemporary dance scene at the phase when it all starts.


Eight creatures, eight female bodies. Virgins, queens, thinkers, mothers and warriors. They appear for you and through you. Your imagination brings them to life and they are ready to take back what is theirs.

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