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Photo: Imre Kővágó Nagy

Premiere: 21 April, 2023 @MU Theatre

The performance titled „HUMAN MACHINE„, directed and choreographed by Máté Váth, is an innovative contemporary dance show that attempts to showcase the complexity of the human body.

The movement of the five dancers – Kristóf Bakk, Roland Géczy, Mátyás Kovács, Fanni Mészáros, and Vivien Piti – and the music of Anna Huszák guide the audience through a journey that houses a single breath, movement, and geometry.

The show combines contemporary dance, urban dance, and tutting movements in a unique blend and introduces the audience to the precise and intricate machinery of the human body through a short but intense piece. It emphasizes the significance that our bodies are not just machines designed for movement but a much more complex system that encompasses emotions, soul, and spirituality.

Concept, director: Máté VÁTH
Co-creators, performers: Kristóf BAKK, Roland GÉCZY, Mátyás KOVÁCS, Fanni MÉSZÁROS, Vivien PITI
Music: Anna HUSZÁK
Mentor: Zsófia Tamara VADAS
Producer: SÍN Arts Centre
Supported by: Imre Zoltán Programme, National Cultural Fund, SÍN Arts Centre

Máté Váth: HUMAN MACHINE (2023)
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