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10.12.2016 DOCK11 Berlin

The brand new show of Timothy and the Things makes use of time seemingly spent uselessly through dance emerging from everyday emotions and situations.

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07-08.09.2016 MU Theatre

Variations for unhappiness in a room
A grotesque dance gymnastics with elements of circus

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Premiere: 11.08.2016 Sziget Festival

Hirokai Umeda works with five Hungarian dancers to present his new piece DRIVES at Sziget festival, then at Trafó House of Conteporary Arts in September. The dancers who have different dance characters share a common movement system given by the choreographer. Sharp electronic sound and geometric abstract visual images with dance movement make strangely organic space, which audience can ‘experience’ in this piece.

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04-15.07.2016 SÍN

International Dance Week Budapest is a unique and young project which aims to provide a creative platform for dancers from all over the world. It is a place to share experiences and explore new ways of gaining knowledge.

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Premier: 29-30. May 2016 MU Theatre

Two dancers, Viktória Dányi and Nelson Reguera Perez examine all what is underlying a relationship between two people through this endlessly repeated, routine-like gesture.

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6-7. May 2016. Birmingham

A show evoking the improvised masses of the party culture. Through the reinterpretation of the stereotypical situations created by the dancing crowd a new, fictitious, comic-like world is born. Beyond the dramas of the night life human games are resolved and a new trans-like state is achieved, in which the ego and the instincts are shadowed.

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