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Photo: Orsolya VÉNER

Premiered on 28-29 March 2018

at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest

Three boys go hunting in the forest. Just like in a tale. But what is it that they hunt for if there are only the three of them in the sterile space? For each other? Or for themselves? And by the way, where is the forest where there is neither grass nor trees to be seen? And after all does it make a difference who holds the gun and who the prey is?
Perhaps all that matter is that three boys have gone hunting. As if we go further than this we’ll just end up in the same place. It’s easy to get lost in the forest. 

„Myths of masculinity and gender stereotypes are addressed in contemporary context by choreographer László Fülöp in his new barrier breaking performance. The three versatile dancers (András Déri, Patrik Kelemen and Kristóf Várnagy) are experimenting individually with different movement styles – just like personality treats –, showing their vulnerable sides and putting on different masks of conformity; but also push each other to their limits, leading to playful and hilarious but also tensed and ambiguous interactions. The dynamics are constantly changing, still there is a palpable build-up, as the texture of the performance becomes richer and deeper with every added layer. Fülöp has a broad understanding of choreography, using not only movement but music, pop culture as well as high art and philosophical references, creating a unique blend of tunes, images and energy patterns on stage. Besides his precise sense of style and timing, the great amount of self-irony makes the performance enjoyable and relatable for all audiences.” – Orsolya BÁLINT,

‘As this encounter, especially when it happens at such high intensity is the meeting itself, the completeness of entering into a relationship. Hunting is exquisite right in this respect, in the utmost punctuality of totality, the encounter brought about through the striving for high quality. In the one that is neither random nor eludible as it offers unavoidable experiences to the participants. And it is crucial for us to hunt for such occasions within and beyond dance.’ – Gábor CSATÁDI,

Performers: András DÉRI, Patrik KELEMEN, Kristóf VÁRNAGY
Costume design: Emese KASZA / Mei Kawa
Sound: Vince VARGA
Lights: Orsolya PETE
Choreographer: László FÜLÖP
Producer: SÍN Production
Supported by: DNA, National Cultural Fund of Hungary

Timothy and the Things: HUNTING (2018)

Basic technical info:
Cast on tour:
6 people (3 performers, 1 choreograper, 2 technicians)
Stage: min 10 x 10m
Rigged light bulbs transported in a checked-in luggage by air

About Timothy and the Things
Timothy and the Things is a formation by László Fülöp, dance maker. László has been working on his own choreography for the past five years now. The core topic of László’s interest is based on exploring and analysing all forms of human social behaviours and communication issues, from all possible aspects, in their completeness, without generalizations and prejudices, in a simple, pure and personal way. His previous creations, such as YOUR MOTHER AT MY DOOR was in the 2017 Aerowaves Spring Forward selection and has toured intensively at many stages in Europe and the USA, his 2016 premiere, Waiting for Schrödinger has also gained considerable international attention and various invitations.

Please contact us for a detailed technical rider and the full length recording of the performance is available also upon request: Anikó RÁCZ, international relations at


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