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Working for openness
WeAreOpen is a nonprofit that creates campaigns with a coalition of businesses to promote diversity and inclusion for millions, and helps companies become more open by offering services, workshops, talks and consulting. Their mission is to show to millions that openness is a value for organizations. They also help employers and employees experience, learn and showcase the benefits of inclusion.

The journey from a passionate volunteer project to an emerging nonprofit social enterprise: this is where it all started! WeAreOpen was founded in 2013 by Prezi, espell and Google with a clear idea of promoting and helping organizations understand and experience the benefits of openness at the workplace. 1,000+ companies and organizations publicly joining WeAreOpen; 150+ public commitments from companies to improve gender equality at their workplace in a given year; 100+ CEOs, and many company groups attending Budapest Pride march to support LGBTQ inclusion; and hundreds of publicly shared videos and stories from well-respected public figures about why being open is a good thing and a value for both organizations and society.

Through the years they have worked together with dozens of academics, researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, public figures, bloggers, artists, entertainers and many others to fulfill their core mission of openness. Along the way, they managed to create a real-life community – the OPEN Community – formed by their founders,

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