PG – Dancing In Your Shoes

PG – Dancing In Your Shoes a​ims to raise awareness among audience communities rooted in different countries of Europe about the theme of active participation in the democratic life by using culture and the practice of contemporary dance to introduce a deeper reflection on gender inequality from an intersectional perspective.

PG – Dancing In Your Shoes starts from a partners’ need to build an even more solid relationship with the audiences and the communities of citizens living in their territories. The main goal is to bring audience communities closer to artistic experiences related to contemporary dance.

Objectives of the project are:
1. To bring audience members closer to the experience of contemporary dance via active engagement, shifting from passive/receptive audience members to active/engaged audience members.
2. To open up a reflection among different audience communities and organizations in order to question the role of gender in artistic, cultural and social processes.

The partners are based in different countries of Europe that still today express substantial differences in terms of accessibility to culture, recognition of civil rights, artistic production models, social inclusiveness and cultural dialogue in diversity. Each of the partners has been working for years with the artistic language of dance to make a proactive transformation of their territory, in cultural and social terms.

Our partners are:
Alma Mater University of Bologna (Italy)
Boulevard Festival (The Netherlands)
British Council (UK)
City of Women (Slovenia)
DansBrabant (The Netherlands)
Gender Bender Festival / Il Cassero LGBTI Center (Italy)
Klap Maison de la Danse (France)
Norrlandsoperan (Sweden)
Paso a 2 (Spain)
Yorkshire Dance (UK)

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