Kraft Programme

The primary objective of Kraft by SÍN is sharing and expanding knowledge about issues related to the artistic creation, such as production management, the support of the long-term career development, a deeper understanding of the local and international context the artists work in.

The content development of the Kraft programme is credited to Luca Kövécs, Anikó Rácz and Dóra Trifonov within the SÍN crew supplemented by a circle of more experienced and younger professionals: Brigitta Kovács, Levente Lukács, Petra Péter, Gergely Talló.

The programme is supported by the Zoltán Imre Programme of the National Cultural Fund and will run throughout the year.

The programme consists of three elements:
1. A workshop series of four sessions focusing on topics such as 1. Project, 2. Communication, 3. Career and 4. Partnership.

2. One-on-one consultations with emerging dance makers in connection with their artistic project.
The process includes three discussions in w
hich the consultant and the dance maker think through the 1) preparational phase, 2) project management phase and 3) evaluation, closing phase of a project. The meetings are done according to a structured series of questions that support the dance maker to proactively think over their project from the planning to the completion and prospect for its future life.
The developers of the consultation process consider this first pilot year to provide a basis for the design of a methodology to support emerging dance makers in their project development.

3. Professional forum:
during 2021 the Kraft team will complete two forums in dance high schools and academies. They will discuss career development possibilities and routes, the professional context the students will step into as well as practical information about the profession. The specific topics will be shaped on the basis of interviews with the tutors and the students so that the forums are designed according to the specific needs and interests of the young generation.

The Kraft programme is the result or a one step forward in the work of SÍN as regards to a more structured, methodological support of the emerging dance community. We would be interested in hearing about other similar examples and good practices in the international field with the ambition to share and widen our knowledge, to collaborate for the future development of our activities. If you run a similar programme or are interested in hearing more about Kraft please contact Anikó Rácz at

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