Kraft Programme

KRAFT was initiated by SÍN Arts Centre in 2021. It is a yearly training programme, which we realize in collaboration with various professionals within the field.

The primary aim of the programme is to share and develop knowledge about questions beyond artistic creation, such as production management, the support of the long-term career development, a deeper understanding of the local and international context in which the artists work.

As producers in the contemporary performing arts field predominantly working with independent artists in their artistic developments, our observation is that there is little knowledge about tools, tasks and skills in this respect – all that surrounds and supports an artistic project from the production side. Emerging artists land in the field without having heard much about how to develop their career in aspects other than artistic consideration.

Kraft programme is the result or a one step forward in the work of SÍN as regards to a more structured, methodological support of the emerging performing arts community. We believe in a horizontal partnership with the artists and other colleagues in the field, the content and format are developed in this spirit.

We transfer knowledge, and provide a framework for the participants to share their experiences in a supportive, safe space. We learn from each other.

We run a series of four one-day workshops every spring with topics such as: project management, grant scouting and writing, communications, leadership, Hungarian and international context, networking, collaboration, and many more.

For each workshop we invite experts from other prefessions – such as marketing, organizational development, accounting – as well as colleagues – programmers, established artists – with the idea of sharing knowledge as well as fostering a cross-generational dialogue in the field.

The development of the programme is supported by the expertise of our colleagues in training and group facilitation methodology.

The programme is supported by the Zoltán Imre Programme of the National Cultural Fund and will run throughout the year.

We would be interested in hearing about other similar examples and good practices in the international field with the ambition to share and widen our knowledge, to collaborate for the future development of our activities.

If you run a similar programme or are interested in hearing more about Kraft, please contact Anikó Rácz at

Kraft Programme
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