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Photos: Imre Kővágó Nagy


Premiered: Trafó House of Contemporary House, 2016

Our bodies and minds are framed, covered and controlled. We are hidden. Hidden behind thoughts and ideas. Ideas of others. We don’t even hear each other, we don’t listen and we’ve even lost the need, ability and curiosity to do so. The need to move on or the desire for change is still there, but there is too much noise. Noise of a crowd, which hears like senseless superficial nonsense. We think of ourselves as individuals but we are just one element of the same crowd. And it’s only the fear left to share. The fear from being rejected and unaccepted. 

Five people try to surrender in a fictitious world. If not truly connect at least to coexist peacefully in a world created by the fiction of theatre. They work hard to make sense out of nonsense and land on a common ground of acceptance. Five individuals meet in a fictive room hosted by the theatre. With their voice, with their body and with the objects found as if they were leftovers of a riot of a fictitious protest. They imagine a place of free expression and expansion of ideas, thoughts and the body.

Csaba Molnár is highly excellent and innovative in the modulation between laughter and drumming, from drumming to clapping then into romping, and in pointing at the existence of mankind as we have never seen before. This is what we are faced in this piece – the various social roles, in which this knowledge feels so familiar to us, hides our bodies from us, hides this ox that laughs notoriously, follows rhythms, abides with the slaps and constrained to continuous reaction.’  (András Rényi-critic)

Choreographer: Csaba Molnár
Creator-performers: Emese Cuhorka, Csaba Molnár, Viktor Szeri, Zsófia Vadas Tamara, Júlia Vavra
Lights: Kata Dézsi
Dramaturge: Ármin Szabó-Székely
Artistic consultant: Marcio Canabarro
Special thanks to: Áron Porteleki, Bence Vavra

Producer: SÍN Culture Centre
Coproduction partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Partners/supporters: the Programme of Europe Culture, Be Spectative, Open Latitudes3, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Visegrád Foundation, Ponec Theatre Prague, Studio Alta Prague, National Cultural Fund

Csaba Molnár
Born in 1986, he began his professional training at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, after which he completed a two year program at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. Soon afterwards he joined the Italian dance company Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, and in 2010 became member of the Hungarian company Hodworks. He began working as a co-creator in the five-member collective Bloom! (City, Tame Game, The End is Near), and later on pursued a similar creative collaboration in the formation Dányi-Molnár-Vadas (Skin Me). As an independent choreographer he had worked in association with Trafó, Departs and Sín and produced two pieces (KITTY2012, Deacameron). As an artist in residence he worked with the students of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (Merriment) and created a piece for the EN-KNAP Group (68).

He is co-creator of four pieces that had been granted the annual Lábán Rudolf Award for best dance performance and choreographer: Bloom!:City (2011), Hodworks: Basse Danse (2012), Dányi-Molnár-Vadas: Skin Me (2014), Hodworks: Dawn (2014). The pieces City, KITTY2012, Skin Me, Dawn and The Conditions of Being Mortal had all been chosen by the Aerowaves network for their annual showcase of the 20 best European contemporary dance performances.

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