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Our Erasmus+ programme titled ‘Fair Practices in Arts Collaborations’ runs between January 2022 and December 2023 in collaboration of six organizations.
The six organizations develop, test and disseminate training modules, which aim at the enhancement of the collaboration practices of artists, collectives, organisations and institutions. The aim of the project is to support professionals and working teams with practical knowledge and tools.
In the development of the training modules our aim to create a toolbox that is easy to understand, that can be used without any special trainer’s skills. When ready the modules will be accessible for individual artists and working teams to download and use at the programme’s website.

Partner organisations:
Occitanie en Scéne, Montpellier (F) / Synthesis Center Research and Education, Nicosia (CY) / Smart Idea, Salovci (SLO) / Artemrede, Santarém (PT) / Mosaic, Patras (GR) / SÍN Arts Centre, Budapest (HU)

The programme consists of four (plus one) elements:
1. Hackathons / March-Nov 2022
Four development occasions of 3 days each, in which the target groups and the topics of the modules are defined, the development of the modules take place in collaboration of two partner organisations for each module.
2. Educational Groups / Jan-June 2023
Testing of the prototypes at four different locations with professionals invited by the partners. The professionals are selected according to the previously defined target groups from the local professional network of each partner. On the basis of the feedbacks of the 24 testers the modules are finetuned, finalised in this phase.
3. Tandems / July-Sept 2023
Local testing of the modules in collaboration of partner tandems. In this phase the partners get the chance to have a deeper knowledge of those modules that have been developed by other partners and examine the possibilities for their application in their local contexts. The finalisation, formal uniformisation of the modules also take place in this phase.
4. Dissemination forums / Sept-Nov 2023
In the end of the programme three dissemination forums will take place in three different cities – Lisbon, Budapest and Montpellier – at events designed according to the local needs and contexts.
+1 Board game development
A board game is developed titled ‘Collaboration for Sustainability’ in collaboration of SÍN Arts Centre and Artemrede. The board game offers a possibility to working teams, organisations to examine the huge issues and questions of sustainability in respect of their own practices, activities. With the help of the board game working teams can identify those areas of sustainability in which they can make real, meaningful and challenging steps ahead. Additionally, in an indirect way the game offers and excellent opportunity for teams to develop their collaboration, debate culture and decision making processes.

The topics of the modules:
1. Strategic planning
2. Resilience – photo-voice
3. Self management / Relationship management
4. Working together
5. Cultural entrepreneurship
6. In and out / Networking

CoopAnimArt – Erasmus+ project
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