Premiered in 2015


Place: Artus Studio 
You get up. Have coffee. Iron your shirt. A well acquired routine. But what if you turn all this from horizontal to vertical? In this piece the dancers-acrobats merge elements of contemporary dance, physical theatre and circus acrobatics of aerial silk and Chinese pole. An Open Latitudes 3 coproduction of 2015.

Variations for unhappiness in a room
A grotesque dance gymnastics with elements of circus

‘Happy is he who is happy at home.’ (Tolstoy)

A maniac woman, a lazy man, weird girl in leg warmers and a fourth one, who is coming from work – they all arrive home. They start being at home. They do this mainly in the living-room and they realise that life is not at all easy. They don’t find their place. They have difficulties with being at home. They are just unable to find opportunities offered by their free, calm, unburdened and peaceful home. And it’s very likely that it’s the other one’s fault.

Creator-performers: Ilka Bardóczy, Arnaud Blondel, Beatrix Simkó, Gáspár Téri
Music: Zoltán Mózes
Space, costumes: Péter Klimó
Light: Kata Dézsi

Producer: SIN Culture Centre
Supporters: National Cultural Fund, Artus Studio, Workshop Foundation, Open Latitudes3 – Culture Programme of the European Union

Premiered in 2015, Artus Studio 

About Grotesque Gymnastics

The collective Grotesque Gymnastics started off in 2013. Its two founder members, Gáspár Téri and Ilka Bardóczy have been working together in various new circus productions since 2011.

With his thirteen years’ experience of dance, circus and physical theatre Gáspár Téri observes the world with a unique, ironic, cynical eye.

His co-member Ilka Bardóczy – a pole dancer and aerial acrobatics trainer, a twofold world champion in pole dancing, European and Hungarian champion – has a similar sarcastic attitude accompanied by her high-level technical skills.

The fusion of the two attitudes and the similar approach to physicality and body language a peculiar form and style has taken shape. For the production of Apt. 14 two creative performers, two excellent dancers have joined the core team of Grotesque Gymnastics – Beatrix Simkó and Arnaud Blondel.

The team created the piece Iron Forest in 2013 in collaboration with offline:ontheater. The performance built on pole acrobatics and reflected upon urban life, the relationships in an urban environment and the sometimes hideous, cold-blooded, monotonous nature of the working life. Since the premiere the performance have been staged at various venues and festivals. (

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