SÍN @ dunaPart3 Hungarian Showcase of Contemporary Performing Arts

dunaPart3 is the merge of the dunaPart platforms (2008 and 2011) and of Hungarian Showcase (2013). The aim of the platform is to present the outstanding representatives of the independent Hungarian performing arts scene, to help them and the whole field in their further integration in the international professional network.

SÍN Culture Centre is proud to have 4 of its productions in the selected program of the platform:

EGO TRIP – Anna Réti & Ido Batash – 5 March, 20:00, MU Theatre

HINOKI – Máté Mészáros – 6 March, 20:00, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

OLD POND – Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi & Tóbiás Terebessy – 7 March, 18:00, MU Theatre

SKIN ME – Dányi-Molnár-Vadas – 7 March, 20:00, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts



dunaPart 3 information: www.dunapart.net