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Culture 2013 (2013-2014)

Is it possible to build a European identity while the main EU countries are still struggling to define their own? Through this project the participants will try to discover a new European artistic citizenship.

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Culture 2013 (2013-2016)

The European network Open Latitudes and its 9 partner organizations is engaged in structured collaborations throughout the production and touring cycles for staged works and contemporary choreography. The project is expressly directed toward supporting a young generation of artists.

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SÍN, 2013. november 30. 20ó

Information fundamentally contributes to the qualities of substance. Meaning is the activity of information whether it is actual or virtual. Everything we experience (thoughts, memories, emotions, associations, perceptions) affects the body, soma. But we only experience (create meaning) if there is an „I” to perceive it.

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SÍN, 2013. november 22-23-24.

The ‘unlearning’ process workshop: matanicola’s intensive movement research and choreography workshop lead by Nicola Mascia, member of the company Sasha Waltz & Guests.

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Premiere: 20 September 2013, MU Theatre
elephant image

Coproduction of Open Latitudes 3, a European Culture program in 2013. A research info social recognition, social influence, self-justification, aggression, prejudices and fears. Seeing his piece, we have only one question, in our mind, why are our final deeds so far removed from our initial ideas?

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Premiere: 11 April, 2013, TRAFÓ

Celebrated performance of Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival 2014 in Umea, and touring continuously in Paris, London, Zürich, Lublin and other cities. The five young performers tell us about their relationships, loves, affairs, then they map, bare, skin and splinter them just to get closer. Playful skinning out of love. Live music and daring contemporary dance..

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