Open Latitudes (3)

The European network Open Latitudes and its 9 partner organizations – Latitudes Contemporaines in Lille (France), Vooruit Kunstencentrum in Gent (Belgium), Cialo Umysl Foundation in Warsaw (Poland), Teatro delle Moire à Milan (Italy), Sin Arts and Culture in Budapest (Hungary), Le phénix, scène nationale in Valenciennes (France), Materiais Diversos in Minde (Portugal), L’arsenic in Lausanne (Switzerland), MIR festival à Athènes (Greece) – is engaged in structured collaborations throughout the production and touring cycles for staged works and contemporary choreography. The project is expressly directed toward supporting a young generation of artists.

The network aims to:

  • Support contemporary, transdisciplinary creation
  • Encourage the development of new art forms linked to the hybridisation of the performing arts
  • Reinforce the touring of these cultural works
  • Support and intensify collaborations between venues
  • Increase established connections to European audiences
  • Encourage artistic encounters featuring these hybrid art forms, in particular with emerging artists, local and regional artists.
  • Give more visibility and cultural recognition to these new hybrid forms
  • Circulate information and critical reflection about the hybridisation of the performing arts