A perceptive game between the verticality, possible imbalances, slide, swing, pendulum.
From slow dripping to planing speed.

A foot injury led Kevin to reflect on the role of a non-virtuous body in dance. Can the change be made less dramatic by inverting our perspective and changing the perception of gravity? Hanging upside down, the artist offers surprising variations on the falling and the strangeness of a body in unusual positions, with uneasy but fluid movements. He tackles failure, a foreign body that must be conquered and overcome.

Find him every day afternoons on a special spot of the SZIGET!

Design and interpretation: Kevin Jean
Assisted par Nina Santes

Production: La Fronde
Co-production: Fondation Royaumont
Support: Ménagerie de verre – Studiolabs, Micadanses – résidences mensuelles, L’échangeur Cdc-Picardie, Mairie de Paris / Aide Paris Jeunes Talents.
Kevin Jean is in residence at L’échangeur – CDC Picardie for 2012

Performances at SZIGET Festival, Budapest are supported by SIN Culture Centre and Open Latitudes 3, an Europe Culture Programme project.

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