‘7.15 in the morning … I was up till 2.30am and now I woke up.
I woke up however I shouldn’t have yet.
My ankle hurts, my back hurts.
I don’t even want to speak, I wish if my thoughts would just be sounding somehow.
I wake up to yet another day that my body aches.’

‘Anatomy of Failure’ will be premiered in April 2020 at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. The performance looks into the possibilities underlying the instances of and our relationship with failure in the language of new circus. The performance is based on a confession – a text recorded by an acrobat 35 years of age. A story of her physical and mental injuries. A confession. A diagnosis.
Are we victims of life or victims of ourselves? – The eternal question. And also: why does life always flows against my life? Or are we simply just in a wrong place?

Director: Gáspár Téri
Creator-performers: Ilka Bardóczy, Lacek Takács, Eszter Kudlák, Tibor György