“All I wanted was just to dance but every single time I was confronted with the chaos pervading my mind, which proved to be stronger than any attempt to move. The lack of harmony between my desire and my real state numbed me. It’s static from the outside, but internally, in me some strong movement emerges and started developing. The tension, that I could exploit, experience, which could be balanced, tamed with physicality and movement, and turn the initially destructive state into something constructive.”










‘Watch Me Happening’ is bargaining, a dialogue between various parts, within one self, or a dance, a solo. It’s a piece in which objective and subjective, personal and collective approaches, opinions and thoughts are treated in the boundary of instincts and consciousness.

After years of collective creations – Skin Me, Decameron, Tropical Escape, The Ox – this time Csaba Molnár is working on a solo piece, which will be premiered in October at SÍN Arts and Culture Centre, Budapest.

Creator-performer: Csaba Molnár
Sound: Ábris Gryllus

Producer: SÍN Production
Supporter: National Cultural Fund

Premiered in 2017, SIN Culture Centre