To come to know another you needn’t rush it’s fine if they don’t understand me I don’t care about anyone.

The performance is a personal and in the same time philosophical game of the two creators, about truth, co-existence, encounters and the possible conflicts of different point of views, parallel realities. Point of You is a playful debate, an in-depth analysis of how you get lost in being right.

This duet is the first artistic collaboration of Ricardo Machado (PT) and Anna Réti. Anna and Ricardo met in 2011 during the creation of Karine Ponties’s ‘Lamali Lokta, than in 2014 Ricardo performed in Ego Trip, the work of Anna and Ido Batash (IL).

Choreographers, performers: Ricardo Machado, Anna Réti
Dramaturge: Márton Debreczeni
Lights: Zoltán Nagy
Music: The Atomic Eggs
Photo: Dániel Borovi
Production manager: Dóra Trifonov
Production partner: Jelenlét Theatre
Producer: SÍN Culture Centre

Supporters: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, National Cultural Fund, Ministry of Human Resources, Camões Institue, Eötvös10 Közösségi és Kulturális Színtér, SÍN Culture Centre, Katlan Group


Full length performance – if you have no password, please contact us.