Shift+Enter Programme

Launched in January 2021 Shift+Enter is a dynamically evolving programme with flexible formats, contents and elements designed for emerging dance makers and dancers. We provide support and context for the artists’ quest for a professional career.

What is Shift+Enter?
• An opportunity to develop, gain experience, collaborate
• A safe space for creation
• A format in which we learn from each other
• A forum for raising questions and sharing ideas
• A gateway to the professional community
• A link between generations
• A platform to get to know each other

We are supporting the following creators in 2022:
– AHA Collective / 6-ok:
Barbara Eyassu-Vincze, Márton Gláser, Imola Kacsó, Luca Kancsó, Vivien Piti, Balázs Oláh
– Zsófia Szász

2022 – Programme elements:
– Travel to professional events to start developing their international network with a mentor 
– 2 weeks residency to develop their artistic language, financial support and coaching
– participation in the Mechanics of Distance – Common Space urban space project creation alongside Máté Mészáros choreographer


We were supporting the following creators in 2021:

– Eszter Dobos + Napsugár Trömböczky
– Katalin Bitó + Dorottya Szonja Koltay + Kurszán Koltay
– Attila Horváth + Rebeka Petra Kiss
– Márton Gláser + Imola Kacsó

2021 – Shift+Enter elements were:
• 2-weeks residency with support. By request the SÍN crew offered consultation opportunity to the makers on any professional issues that may arise. The processes are summarized in a sharing event, with discussions about the experience, future plans and possibilities. 
• Lighting workshop for the Shift+Enter participants

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