SÍN Culture Centre is a Budapest-based production house, operating in the field of contemporary performing arts.

We offer space, production assistance and financial support to the emerging artists in contemporary dance and performing arts, we help them in their artistic career development with advice and opportunities, we assist in finding the best possible context and partners for their projects. We provide professional background and environment to the artists: we organise workshops led by local or international artists, initiate discussions and cooperations between the stakeholders. We play an active role in the thinking of the field’s present and future in Hungary and beyond the borders.

We are proud to have produced a variety of strong and successful performances for the past few years in partnership with a wide range of Hungarian and international professional organisations.

SIN Culture Centre has a range of local and international cooperations and partnerships. We are regular hosts of the artists in residency project of the Visegrad Fund, have recently launched our own international artist-in-residency project, co-organisers of Open Latitudes 3, which is a Culture Europe partnership project, members of IETM and co-organisers of One Land Many Faces, a project organised by La Transplanisphere, Paris.

SÍN Culture Centre has also recognized the growing need for social and community involvement, therefore in early 2014 we announced a support programme for community theatre projects. The first project will start in September 2014.

We continuously seek partnerships within the country an abroad for artists exchange, coproductions and professional programmes.

We currently work with the following artists, either representing their productions or preparing, managing their work-in-progress:

Viktória DÁNYI / László FÜLÖP / Máté MÉSZÁROS / Csaba MOLNÁR / Anna RÉTI  / Zsuzsa RÓZSAVÖLGYI / Gáspár TÉRI / Zsófia Tamara VADAS


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