Sleeping Beauty Project invites the viewers into the transit zone of our inner world and the outer reality. Through text, sound and lights the viewers will experience their own virtual performance and will be offered a space of togetherness. This project amalgamates contemporary live art forms, visual arts, community activity and theatre. It was borne in the ambition of scouting the unknown, in the excitement of interdisciplinarity, in the wish for audience involvement, in the broadening of horizons. This game or choreography takes place in the empty theatre space, where the viewers are left on their own guided by an invisible person, a voice. They become the viewers of one another. It is about active presence, about opening the imagination, about dreaming and wakefulness, the hypnotic choreography of reality and fantasy.

Photo: Gábor Dusa












… the show capitulates the viewer into some inter-space, into the fragile reality of imagination and virtuality with some half-serious, half-scam mixture of mental massage and psychological training. There is no stable viewpoint of the recipient at all, we are being manipulated, gamed, triggered for interaction. Strangely enough we only recognise that we have been into something when they journey suddenly ends and we have arrived. When the lights go up, we hear some mild, melodic music we are just sat there for long minutes, winking. Nobody stands up to run for their coats, nobody leaves – we are just there. On our own and together. In something new.’ (Csaba Králl)

Concept, choreography: Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Creators: Ábris Gryllus, Márió Nemes Z., Márton Emil Tóth, Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Music: Ábris Gryllus
Scene: Márton Emil Tóth
Light: Kata Dézsi
Lyrics: Márió Nemes Z.
Performer: Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Special thanks to: Csenge Vass, János Brückner
Production assistant: Janka Vámos

Producer: SÍN Arts and Culture Centre
Supported by: National Cultural Fund, Ministry of Human Resources, Open Latitudes 3, Culture Europe Programme of the EU

Premiered in 2017, MU Theatre, Budapest

Trailer from SÍN Culture Center on Vimeo.

Tamara Zsófia Vadas studied at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School, then graduated as a dance pedagogue at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. As a freelance dance maker she has worked with many choreographers in Hungary, was the member of The Symptoms for three years. Tamara likes collaborating with artists of different art forms, musicians, visual artists. She is an active teacher, gives improvisation and composition classes for children as well as for adults. She co-created the piece SKIN ME, which was selected in the priority performances of the 2014 Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival. Amongst many other tours, the show was presented at the Julidans Festival in 2014. Tamara also worked with the Dutch theatre director Robert Steijn on a piece he created for The Symptoms in 2011.

Ábris Gryllus media artist and musician. Born in 1985, studied Visual Communication at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest. He is part of the noise-techno formation FOR. His works were presented at the 2013 Berlin Gallery Weekend, the 2013 Vienna Design Week, the 2014 Soundscapes Festival, the 2015 Venice Biennale, the 2015 Off Biennale Budapest, the 2016 Berlin Montag Modus and the 2017 NEXT Fest Budapest.

Márton Emil Tóth finshed his studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a sculptor in 2012. He does his own work and also as the member of the It Wasn’t Us Crew. For the past four years he has been participating in performative works as well. In 2013 he participated in the programme Research to the Unknown of Workshop Foundation, in which he created the performance Lossy Compression with Júlia Lányi and Máté Fillér. He often uses everyday objects from mass production, by their manipulation and extension their character and function is resolves and transformed.