LÁSZLÓ FÜLÖP: “there’s an elephant in every room…”

Social recognition, social influence, self-justification, empathy, aggression, prejudices and fears… Those are the things that directing our daily life. László Fülöp’s work tries to make palpable by physical means all those socially learned processes that have an effect on one’s desires, self-visualization and values. Seeing his piece, we have only one question, in our mind, why are our final deeds so far removed from our initial ideas?

I am eager to find out through which physical form these conceptions be can visualized – in space, time, dynamics, touches, glances, tones, images and sounds -, seeing them separated from their own natural habitat by having a constant emotional and intellectual distance from them as creators as well as performers. If we can break these giant modules down into pieces, if we can transform them into simple materials, surfaces and energies without judgment and preconceptions, then maybe they become more understandable and we can more easily capture such hiding mechanisms.

Performers: Anna Biczók, Emese Cuhorka, László Fülöp
Choreographer: László Fülöp
Research Partner: Luca Hajnóczy (psychologist, behavior analyst)
Composer: Zoltán Mizsei

Producer: SÍN Culture Centre
Coproduction of Open Latitudes 3, a European Culture program in 2013.
Supporters: SÍN Cultural Center,Open Latitudes 3, OFF Fundation, Tanec Praha, Divadlo Ponec, Papírna Kulturni Centrum, Schloss Bröllin, Bora Bora Dans og Visuelt Teater, L1 Assosiation, New Performing Art Fundation

Premiered in 2013, MU Theatre (L1 Festival)

László Fülöp was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1987, and is a contemporary dance choreographer, performer and teacher.

As a creator his main topic of research is the human being in its own completeness, without ideologies or prejudices: in a simple, pure and personal way. He focuses on the performers’ personalities, and avoids any generalizations, spectacular elements, classical aesthetics of dance, which diverts attention from the performers and simplifies the analyzed phenomena. His works are psychological and sociological studies as well, as he always integrates a psychologist to help him in the research-process.

Focusing on the moving, he is interested in choreographing everyday movements and gestures into dance, experimenting with extreme size, distance and rhythms, movements so fast they’re impossible for the brain to follow, isolation techniques, automatic connections within the body, being out of breath, resting, interdependence, defencelessness and different qualities of contact. He likes using structured improvisation evolving organically and interacting live with the audience, and – to provide a counterpoint – interject idealistic, overcomposed scenes with advertisement-like, heavily overexponated details.

As a freelance performer and co-creater, during the last 5 years he has worked with Ivan Angelus, Vladislava Malá, HODWORKS, Eléonore Valére Lachky, Vicky Shick, Éva Karczag, Klári Pataky Dance Company, Gangray Dance Company, Zoltán Nagy, Viktória Jaross-Giorgi, Eva Duda Dance Company, Finita la Commedia Company. Recently he’s touring with Granhoj Dans Company. www.laszlofulop.com / www.vimeo.com/laszlofulop

László Fülöp: THERE’S AN ELEPHANT IN EVERY ROOM from SIN Culture Centre on Vimeo.

László Fülöp – interview on the premiere of ‘THERE IS AN ELEPHANT IN EVERY ROOM…’ – an Open Latitudes 3 coproduction from SIN Culture Centre on Vimeo.

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