One Land Many Faces

Is it possible to build a European identity while the main EU countries are still struggling to define their own? As tensions flare up in a context of economic crisis, what history do European people want to write together? Are they dreaming of mixing up, of a mosaic federation or rather of independence? Do they perceive the faraway echo of an old continent that started falling apart more than 100 years ago? And what is the way the rest of the world is looking at this little European continent, once dominant, rich and contrasted and now in search of a new multicultural and intercultural identity?

The artists and the European citizens sharing the experience of this project will try to cast off their inner, geographical, historical and also psychological borders in order to question their own European identity. Through this project the participants will also try to discover a new European artistic citizenship.

Three authoers coming from outside of Europa are Dan Friedman (USA), Kim Kwang Lim (Korea) and Jean Bofane (Congo-Belgium), Europe and Hungary is represented among them by Borbála Sebők. The Hungarian mamber of the rperforming team is Natasa Stork.

The premiere is on 30th January 2015 in Paris at Plateau, followed by more performances till 4th February. The performance will be performed also in the participating countries, among them in Hungary.

One Land many Faces – trailer