ICoDaCo – International Contemporary Dance Collective: IT WILL COME LATER


Every two years a new collective of international choreographers and dance artists are gathered together to form an exciting micro society (creative community) that functions as a symbolic representation of the macrocosmos (the world we live in). Informed by and corresponding to the social-political realities of each country represented by the collective, they co-create a new production over several residencies hosted in each represented country.

The idea of gathering a diverse group of artists who are dissimilar to each other and to facilitate their joined process of making a new piece, was originated from the ambition of the directors of ilDance, Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni, to demonstrate the possibility of people who are different to each other to not only coexist in a neutral manner but also, confront their differences and utilise them towards a creative and productive process of making a genuine art work that matters.

The current project is formed by six dancers (Lee Brummer, Mui Cheuk Yin, Eddie Ladd, Joseph Lee, Weronika Pelczynska, Imre Vass) and five production houses (ilDance, Gwyn Emberton Dance, Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, And Partners and Sín Culture Centre) from five different countries. In the 2018-2020 project the countries are Hong Kong, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Wales. All the six dancers partecipate in the different artistic residencies held by the production houses. Sín Culture Centre has been the Hungarian partner hosting the dancers in Budapest. The performance of the collective – It will come later – will debut on the 22nd of November at BalletOFFFestival in Krakow.


Each artist brings a unique fascination with the force of transformation. The transforming politics in regions such as East Europe and China trigger a charged exchange amongst these artists. This is the focal point of an interactive and inclusive operation which aspires to connect with communities and audiences. The project promotes values such as diversity, tolerance and communality whilst creating a fresh contemporary dance piece that is influenced by the eclectic artistic and personal heritage of each artist in the collective.




Premiere: 22. 11. 2018 BalletOFFFestival, Krakow