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workshop and project presentation

Place: Bakelit Multi Art Center
Time: 4pm-7pm 13 December
There is free admission to the event but due to the limited audience capacity please register your attendance in advance at

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will be premiered in April 2020 at Trafó

The performance looks into the possibilities underlying the instances of and our relationship with failure in the language of new circus. The performance is based on a confession – a text recorded by an acrobat 35 years of age.

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Premiere: 26 May, 2019 National Dance Theatre

Mechanics of Distance, a site specific or rather site-reflecting deep study on body-encounter-variations in a space within an unexpected new dimension where the movement of the elements seem accidental yet they are far-reaching and intentional and are a redefinition of proximity, inter-personal and inter-space interaction…
The piece focuses on positioning static and moving bodies in space, cramming matching and mismatched systems into it and examining the distance between bodies.

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Premiere: 22-23. 01. 2019. Trafó

Nibiru is a creative process created by Zsófia Tamara Vadas dancemaker, Ábris Gryllus media artist and Márton Emil Tóth fine artist. The performance is presented by children, who were deeply involved into the creative process.

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Premiere: 15 February 2018. MU Theatre

Queendom is at the intersection of contemporary performance, physical theatre and drag shows. It is based on structured improvisation where the audience’s presence becomes the co-creator of a performance that takes a different shape every night. It displays female and male representations from the Renaissance up to today’s pop culture.

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13-17 August 2014, SZIGET Festival

In the frame of Open Latitudes 3 “Showcase programme” SÍN Culture Centre has invited Kevin jean from France. His solo production “The 36th Chambre” will be seen at SZIGET Festival Culture Zone, 13-17 August 2014.

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SÍN, 2013. november 30. 20ó

Information fundamentally contributes to the qualities of substance. Meaning is the activity of information whether it is actual or virtual. Everything we experience (thoughts, memories, emotions, associations, perceptions) affects the body, soma. But we only experience (create meaning) if there is an „I” to perceive it.

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