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Premiere: 24.10.2014 Trafó

Ceasing – destruction – reproduced reality. A unique triptichon. In his new piece, Máté Mészáros, member of Ultima Vez focuses on this curious triangle.

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Premiere: 2.05.2014 MU Theatre

“Old pond / frog leaps / into water sound.”
The piece expresses a potentially extra-human, imaginary community through visual, audio and kinesthetic sensations. Coproduction of SIN Culture Centre and Workshop Foundation, supported by LLB, an EU Culture Programme project.

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Premiere: 09.05.2014 Trafó

In his latest piece Csaba Molnár investigates his own intuitive world with the sensual and structural worlds of Boccaccio’s. An exciting encounter of contemporary dance and theatre. Decameron was produced within the EU Culture Programme project, DÉPARTS.

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Premiere: 27.02.2014 Trafó

First collaboration of this Hungarian – Israeli choreographer duo, premiered within the DÉPARTS programme, an EU Culture Programme project. Ego Trip is an investigation into understanding the mechanism of egos and their relation to others and towards the society.

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Premiere: 20.09.2013 MU Theatre

Coproduction of Open Latitudes 3, a European Culture program in 2013. A research info social recognition, social influence, self-justification, aggression, prejudices and fears. Seeing his piece, we have only one question, in our mind, why are our final deeds so far removed from our initial ideas?

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Premiere: 11.04.2013 Trafó

Celebrated performance of Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival 2014 in Umea, and touring continuously in Paris, London, Zürich, Lublin and other cities. The five young performers tell us about their relationships, loves, affairs, then they map, bare, skin and splinter them just to get closer. Playful skinning out of love. Live music and daring contemporary dance..

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